Looxcie Unveils Bluetooth Headset Camera

Looxcie Bluetooth Headset camera

If you think you have seen all kinds of crazy and fancy Bluetooth gadgets then you haven’t seen anything yet. Looxcie has just announced its Bluetooth Camera that looks like any other Bluetooth headset device for handsets but it has the capability of recording videos along with audio.

Looxcie Bluetooth Headset camera

Looxcie Bluetooth headset camera can record videos at 480 x 320 resolution at 15 fps. It has an internal memory of 4GB which will enable you to record videos for up to four hours. The battery life is up to 10 hours when used as a Bluetooth headset. The Looxcie Bluetooth headset camera records videos in MPEG-4 format plus it also has the capability of uploading clips to Twitter, YouTube, Facebook etc. The Looxcie Bluetooth headset camera has a very handy 30-second pre-record buffer which makes sure that you are never too late to miss a moment as this device is always in recording mode and you have the option to select the time frame of your recorded clip. Looxcie is available at Amazon.com for $199 only.

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