Liquid Image Ego Cam : HD Action Camera

liquidimage ego cam

liquidimage ego cam

Liquid Image has just shown that it can do it. The picture above is the new camera from Liquid Image, the Ego cam, which is a HD camera that can record Full 1080p videos at 30fps and 720p at 60fps. This is perfect for most of the action sports out there and the best part about it is that its small form factor allows it to be mounted almost anywhere without worrying about putting on extra weight. The Liquid Image Ego cam is also made waterproof up to 10 feet so you can record under water videos as well. The HD waterproof action cam has a microSDHC card slot and a rechargeable battery that would last a couple of hours. Another interesting and handy feature in the Liquid Image Ego cam is the WiFi functionality which allows it to be paired with your smartphone, tablet or computer which would then serve as viewfinder for the Ego cam.

For those interested in the Liquid Image Ego cam, all they have to so is just spare about $150 for it as it will start shipping in Jun 2012.


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