Instant Lab Universal Prints Instant Photos From Mobile Devices

Instant Lab Universal

Instant Lab Universal

Few years ago, The Impossible Project (TIP) was crowd funded project on Kickstarter; the idea behind this project was to make such an instant photo kit that could transform images from smartphones to printed photo. The photo was a printed Polaroid film just like taken by a Polaroid camera.

Today, this project comes in the market with the name of Instant Lab Universal. Earlier this photo printing kit could transform images from smaller iOS devices but now it can be able to print Polaroid films from iOS and Android both devices. The procedure is very simple; download the latest version of Impossible Photo App, adjust the photo on your phone with this app, place it face down at the top of the cradle, expose your image to the film and here goes your Polaroid Photo Film.

The Instant Lab Universal is a camera, do not interpret it as photo printer; it exposes the image on your smartphone or tablet screen onto Impossible’s Polaroid™-format instant film via a photographic process. It works with high resolution smartphones and tablets and the updated Impossible Project App. The app comes with lot of interesting options to customize your photo and guides you all the process of printing Polaroid film using Instant Lab Universal.

You can learn more about the compatibility of devices with this Instant Lab Universal on the Impossible Project site where it is available at price of $249.

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