HTC RE Camera Is Unique In Its Own way

HTC re Camera

HTC re Camera

The previously spotted HTC RE camera is out there for the grabbing and if you have not seen it by now then chances are you will be somewhat stunned by its weird looking design. More about it after this short video by HTC.


The HTC RE camera is a 16.0 MP camera that can also record 1080p videos at 30 fps which is no surprise since many cameras have this capability these days. It can also record slow motion videos at 720p which can be a plus if you want to use it as an action camera.

The two unique things about the HTC RE camera are its strange design and the fact that it has no ON/Off button to switch it ON. The RE has a unique capacitive touch sensor which detects human grip and automatically turns on to capture the fun for you.

A simple touch will take snaps while a press will result in a video being recorded. There are no viewfinders but this should not hold you back since you can pair it wirelessly with your smartphone via Bluetooth or WiFi and use your phone’s display as its viewfinder.

The HTC RE camera is currently available at Amazon for $199 (see details) with some color options to chose from.

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