Holga Twin Image Maker for Half Frame Plus 3D Photos

Twin Image Maker

Nowadays digital cameras are too common but for those who want to shoot quality high definition images and videos require advanced expensive digital or DSLR cameras. But if you get a camera that is cheap and capable of taking 3D images with multiple exposure and produce images according to your need then Holga Twin Image Maker camera is for you to capture not only half frame images but also you can enjoy 3D lo-fi photography.

Twin Image Maker

The camera is designed in cute fashion i.e. it has a smiley face at front which performs important tasks for instance, its eyes show two lens camera which can work both at a time to give 3D photo while using only single lens will give you half frame photo. This lo-fi TIM camera has multiple exposure using a detachable flash with color filters (red, green, blue, yellow, plus one clear diffuser) to boot and a bulb mode for long exposures. The unique feature of this camera is that it doesn’t need any kind of battery to power except the flash utilizes two AA batteries. The mouth of the cute face of camera serves as aperture adjustment to control exposure for three different modes including cloudy, sunny, partly cloudy.

As far as the price and availability is concerned the Holga Twin Image Maker is available at Photojojo web store at price of $60 with flash and $50 without flash.

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