Hasselblad 200-MS Professional Multi-Shot Camera

Hasselblad a renowned digital camera manufacturer has announced last year a H4D-200 Megapixels camera which is now going to release in market. The camera is designed for professional photographers to catch perfect still images. The camera comprises of 50-megapixels sensor which is quite surprising if you hear first time as model name clearly shows that camera has 200-megapixel lens, don’t get panic it is actually a multi-shot camera which is capable of taking six or four photos which are rolled into one shot.

H4D 200MS

The H4D-200MS works on piezoelectric motor which slightly moves the image sensor after taking each photo and then merge them together to give one photo with high resolution hence the size of image file is up to 600 MB. The camera can take six photos in 30 seconds and four photos in just 20 seconds and is best to use along with tripod as it is particularly designed for photographers.

The Hasselblad camera comes with 3-inch display, automatic Digital Lens Correction and comes with some optional features including GPS, external hard drive and flash drive support. It will be available at significant price of $45,000.

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