GoPro Intros LCD BacPac : Detachable LCD Screen for 1080p HD Hero Camera

LCD BacPac Detachable screen

GoPro, the company who specializes in manufacturing wearable and gear mounted cameras that are used mostly in action sports, has just announced a detachable screen for its 1080p HD Hero camera. The LCD is called the LCD BackPac screen and it serves as an accessory to the already cool Hero HD camera making it a mini HD camera for everyday use. Some of its main features are highlighted below.

LCD BacPac Detachable screen

1080p HD Hero Camera

The LCD BacPac is a removable screen and the HD Hero Camera works without it. The LCD attaches to the camera via HERO port which is a small expansion port located at the back of the Hero Camera. Due to its small size, it keeps the 1080p HD Hero camera as small as possible plus it gives the user the luxury to view the shot as they are being recorded.

Currently the LCD BacPac detachable LCD screen for 1080p HD Hero camera is available for a price of $79.99 only.

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