GoPro HERO3+ Action Camera Improved And Shipping

GoPro HERO3+ action camera

GoPro HERO3+ action camera

GoPro has just announced its latest action camera, HERO3+ which has improved design and of course scores higher than the previous models without breaking the bank.

The GoPro HERO3+ action camera is now slightly smaller than the previous models which allows better portability, mounting and easy shooting when placed at tight corners to catch the real action. It is also claimed to be 2X more powerful in performance as it can capture 1080p videos at 60fps with improved low-light performance.

With 10MP imaging sensor users will be able to take photos at up to 10 frames per second. The HERO3+ camera is also water proof up to 131 feet and it produces sharper images with reduced distortions.

The GoPro HERO3+ action camera offer 30% more battery life compared to previous models so you will be able to shoot longer. The HERO3+ action camera has a starting price of $299 for the silver edition, for details click here.

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