Fujifilm Mini Instax 8 : A Must Have Instant Photo Camera

fujifilm mini instax 8

fujifilm mini instax 8

The Fujifilm mini Instax 8 is an instant photo camera and has been quite popular one too. It has been in the market for quite sometimes and still gets a lot of attention even in the age of DSLRs. Currently the Fuji mini Instax 8 camera sells at Amazon at a discount price (see details). You can also quickly jump to customer feedback on this instant photo camera by clicking here. Continue reading below to find out how good a camera Fujifilm mini Instax 8 is.

Mini Instax 8 Appearance : The Fujifilm Instax 8 is an instant color film camera so it needs plenty of room inside the camera for exposure purpose and that is the reason for somewhat bulky size of this camera. By the way, the Mini Instax 8 weighs only 307g without batteries or the films pack.

Smart Exposure Camera : The Fujifilm mini Instax 8 camera is suitable for taking photos in a variety of light conditions but thanks to its smart light sensor, it detects and indicates with LED light, the best setting on the dial for taking instant photos. The shutter speed on the Fuji mini Instax camera is 1/60 sec and its minimum focus range starts at about 2 feet.

Picture Size & Color Films : The Fujifilm mini Instax 3 camera generates photos of size 62 x 46mm which is close to the size of a business card. There are a variety of color films available in the market that would fit in this instant photo camera. The best in the market currently is the Twin Pack Instant Film.

The Fuji mini Instax 8 Instant photo camera is powered by 2 x AA batteries and will serve as a great instant photo camera for yourself or your loved ones.

Where To Buy Mini Instaxt 8 Camera


You can get the Fujifilm mini Instax 8 Instant photo camera from Amazon (see details). It comes in several colors. You can also check out the customer reviews for this camera by clicking here.

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