Compact Time Lapse Camera By Lyfeshot

Blynk Time Lapse Camera

Blynk Time Lapse Camera

Lyfeshot introduces a compact size Time Lapse camera – Blynk. The camera is a wearable device which can capture every moment of your life anytime. Its not only a wearable type camera, it can be set down, clip to pocket, shirt, purse or mounted too. Blynk is designed to capture all sort of life moments from large parties to personal trips.

Since the Blynk Camera works on the phenomenon of Time Lapse photography, therefore, it is designed with different time intervals which suits best for you, i.e.

Battery Life Table

Blynk also works as webcam as it is built with support of UVC (USB Universal Video Class). It comes with a 4GB internal flash memory to store videos and rechargeable 400mAh Li-Ion battery that runs for different time frames as mentioned in the above table.

Lyfeshot Blynk Time Lapse camera is available in three different colors; Black, Blue and Pink at price of $129.99 (see details). Watch the video below captured from the Blynk camera to feel the experience of time lapse photography.

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