CLAP Digital Camera – Tiny Digital Camera

CLAP Digital Camera

CLAP Digital Camera

The CLAP Digital camera is no longer than a USB flash drive that we were used to see few years back. What is even more interesting about this handy little digital camera is that it can record tons of images as well as record videos wherever you want. You can easily hang the CLAP digital camera with your neck strap. It even has the standard screw hole at the bottom for mounting on to a tripod. The CLAP digital camera has a 2.0 mega pixel image sensor and it can accept microSD cards up to 16GB. It supports resolutions up to 1280 x 1024 and has a fine glass lens. Do not expect HD quality videos but the results are pretty good for a digital camera so small in size. The CLAP digital camera is available in six different colors for a price of $49.95 at Amazon.

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