CHOBICAM1 : Worlds Smallest Camcorder Weighs only 12g

Chobi CamOne Smallest Camcorder

If you think that you have seen the smallest camcorder in the world in the form of the ultra-compact MUVI camcorder then you better think twice because a Japanese company by the name JTT who are renowned for making super-small cameras have just unveiled world’s smallest camcorder by the name CHOBICAM1 or CHOBI CAMONE camcorder which only weighs 12g and is capable of recording videos on 640×480 resolution @ 30fps in AVI format.

Chobi CamOne Smallest Camcorder
Smallest Camcorder
Japanese Smallest Camcorder

The JTT CHOBI CAM ONE is no doubt the world’s most tiny camcorder to date measuring only 2.5×2.5×2.6 cm. Besides capable of recording videos and standard definition, the CHOBI CAM ONE camcorder can also take snaps of resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 in JPEG format. This tiny camcorder also has a microSD card slot that can accept up to 32GB of memory cards.

The JTT CHOBI CAM ONE easily connects to the USB port of your computer so that you can download your recorded videos and photos on your system. The CAM ONE camcorder is also charged via USB port and takes a maximum of 1 hours to fully charge its battery. It is currently released in Japan for a price of 9800 YEN which roughly equals 118 USD.

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