Capture Your Every Moment By ION AIR PRO HD Sports Video Camera



Its a joint venture from ION Worldwide and MiMedia to present a unique HD sports camera for adventures people.The camera is named as ION AIR PRO HD Sports Video Camera that can easily fit to helmets, skis, surfboards and more.

The features which makes this portable mobile video camera different include:

  • Instant WiFi connectivity
  • Real-Time Video and photo sharing on various social networks
  • Connectivity with iOS devices
  • MiMedia’s cloud for storage

Basically the ION AIR PRO HD Camera added above versatile features on behalf of special ION PODZ system that is made up of thin, circular discs which are attached onto the back of the basic camera. When both ION Wi-Fi PODZ and ION app works together user can control his camera via its iOS based device (iPhone/iPod/Tablet/iPad). The camera is now available from ION online stores in US at price of $230 for budget model and $350 for WiFi model and each purchase is accompanied by 8GB of free cloud-based storage that is hosted by

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