Action Digital Camera ATC5K

The idea of making these was to capture stunning moments while keep them 100% hands free. This action digital camera ATC5K is a very durable shock proof camera that has a lot more than what an action camera has.

Action Camera ATC5K

The ATC5k is designed in a way to fit anywhere you like it. You can attach it to your bicycle handlebar, on your helmet, arm, leg, shoulder or anywhere you can imagine. It comes with all the mounting accessories so you need not to buy additional clips or straps. It records video as well as audio. It records video with a resolution of 640×480 which is decent enough to be shared on lots of video sharing sites such as Youtube. This action cam can also shoot still images. Unlike any other mini action digital camera, the ATC5K has a 1.5 inch LCD display screen which allows you to set your desired angle before you start recording.

The ATC5K action digital camera has a built-in memory of 32MB which can be enhanced up to 4GB by inserting a SD card. With this much memory, you can record videos for almost 2 hours. You can even connect this action cam to a PC, TV or Mac via cables that comes with it. You can then watch your captured moments and share with your friends. Another plus is that this action digital camera is water proof till 5 meters.

Action Digital camera Photos

This action digital camera only requires 2 x AA batteries to function and you do not need to locate a record button on this one as it comes with a wireless remote that will start taking snaps so you just focus on your moves and let this action digital camera do the rest.


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