Action Cam SJ4000 Camera Review : The Hidden Truth

SJ4000 camera

SJ4000 camera

The Action Cam SJ4000 camera comes from a reputable manufacturer from China and this review will highlight the key capabilities of this camera which I have experienced after playing with it for quite sometimes.

This SJ4000 camera review will hopefully cover the camera built quality, video recording and photo shooting modes, user menu interface, accessories that are supplied with it and my overall verdict for those looking to buying this action cam.

SJ4000 Design & Built Quality:

The action cam SJ4000 despite a not so big price tag turned out to be quite good. Good enough that I do not bother dropping it down and doing some serious damage to the camera. It looks very similar to the GoPro camera in fact and some cases slightly better.

sjcam sj4000 wifi 1080p

Video And Photo Mode:

The photos takes with the SJ4000 are okay after all nobody gets an action camera for taking stills. The video recording on this action camera turned out to be more than satisfactory. My favorite modes are 1080p @ 30fps and 720p that as well at 30fps. There are various other modes for both stills and videos. The two I stated above gave the best results. For best performance I also suggest to use at least a Class 6 microSD card. It supports up to 32GB of microSDHC card.

SJ4000 User Interface:

Like other digital cameras, the SJ4000 camera has a very simple and straight forward user interface where you can adjust and personalize everything ranging from language to picture resolution and even update the camera firmware which gets updates quite frequently.

menu settings

Accessories For SJ4000 Camera:

If you have already got some camera mounting accessories lying around then you will not be needing those ad the SJ400 cam comes pre-loaded with over a dozen of mounting accessories that you can ever think of.

accessories for SJ4000

SJ4000 WiFi & Battery:

This has built-in WiFi which is very easy to get it connected with your favorite iOS or Android device. Apps for respective platforms are easily downloadable and once connected you can use your handheld device to control the camera.

The battery on the SJ4000 camera also performed very well with the display turned OFF. It gave a maximum of 95 minutes of 1080p video recording at 30 fps. Just make sure you have a sufficient size microSD card to capture all the fun.

Final Verdict For SJCAM SJ4000 Camera:

Considering that the SJ4000 is even less than half the price of the latest GoPro series action camera and the performance levels are very close to the high price tag action cams, the SJCAM SJ4000 camera is clearly a no-brainer for any one looking to get an action camera without spending too much or even getting it as a spare camera in case your regular camera dies without any warning.

There are various color options to chose from and you can order one at discount price from Aliexpress (see details).

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