Singapore Will Soon Introduce Driverless Car Service Like Uber

Driverless Car

Driverless Car

As we have been already seeing for few months this year that driverless car drive tests were conducted at few countries including UK and US. Now it seems that Singapore also plans to take the test driverless cars in anyone of its busy neighborhoods in 2015.

Singapore with a population of over 5.5 millions has serious concerns about the transportation; therefore, the car traffic is discouraged by the government there and prefers to have service like Uber and Jitney. Moving towards driverless cars is the keen interest of city-state to give relief for public in transportation and eliminate traffic congestion. Therefore, city-state will open the test driverless cars in most of its busy neighborhoods where it will pick passengers and taking them to airport, train stations and other places. As far as the car design is concerned, it is more likely the same as the Google Driverless Car i.e. golf cart shape, which takes people at short distances at low speed.

Although the idea is great, but it might have some, serious concerns that how pedestrians, bikes and other traffic will affect and the cars should have installed updated maps to avoid accidents.

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