ScanGauge II 3-in-1 Compact Multifunction Vehicle Computer with Customizable Display

ScanGaugeII OBDII Scanner

For those who want to save some money in finding small problems with your OBD II and CAN supported vehicles, they should have a look at the ScanGauge II vehicle computer scanner with customizable display that can be used to indicate very handy piece of information such as gas mileage, maximum speed, engine speed, temperatures etc.

ScanGaugeII OBDII Scanner
ScanGaugeII Multifunction vehicle Computer

The ScanGauge II is a multifunction automotive computer that also serves as a multifunction trip computer, diagnostic scan tool for scanning and reading Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) and is also capable of measuring over 35 parameters with its dozens of gauges packed in a compact body. The ScanGauge II Multifunction Vehicle Computer woks on all vehicles manufactured from 1996 onwards that have support for OBD II and CAN protocols

With ScanGauge II Multifunction tool you have the ability to find out a variety of parameters while vehicle is on the move. Up to four different gauge parameters can be displayed simultaneously including, vehicle speed, horsepower, fuel consumption rate, fuel economy, cost per mile / trip, battery voltage, engine load, coolant temperature, air intake temperature, ignition timing, engine speed / RPM, fuel trim etc.

Other than the gauge display, the ScanGauge II is also a fully functional trip computer which features 12 individually stored parameters including maximum speed, average speed, maximum rpm, maximum coolant temperature, driving time, driving distance, fuel cost, fuel used, trip fuel economy, time to empty, distance to empty, fuel to empty etc.

The LCD display in this OBD II scanner is fully customizable. It has a backlit high contrast display. All the buttons are also backlit. You can change the backlit color with your own choice of colors out of the 63 possible colors. You can customize the display according to your need and display the parameters that you want to know the most such as gas mileage, miles per gallon (MPG), engine air intake temperature etc. No tools are required to fit the ScanGauge II in your vehicle. Just use the cable that comes with it to connect it with your vehicle computer port. You just have to make sure that your vehicle supports OBD II or CAN protocol.

ScanGaugeII OBD Scanner
OBD II Scan Computer
OBD II Scanner

Where To Buy ?

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