Roof Cargo Boxes – SportRack Car Roof Box

Whether you want to fit in your camping gears or you want to go play some golf, a car cargo box is a handy accessory that you can add on your vehicle roof top. From dozens of various kinds of roof cargo boxes, we have selected SportRack roof top box since it is rated as the best by buyers and sellers in USA alone.

car roof box

This roof cargo box measures 62 x 39.5 x 19 inches and weighs just 41 lbs. It has 18 cubic feet capacity. It can carry a maximum load of 110 lbs which is simply remarkable. It is perfectly air tight and you can rest assure that your good remain dry even during heavy rainfall. This roof cargo box easily fits on most of the roof crossbars with the help of its U-bolt mounting kit. Mounting and dismounting takes an average of 10 minutes and can easily be done by a single person.

cargo roof boxes

Most of the roof cargo boxes including this one are made of ABS material which is a very rigid form of thermoplastic that is both durable and light weight. This roof top cargo carrier has a recommended aero dynamic design with will not have any significant effect on your vehicle fuel consumption. As many of the customers have reported that the ride is smooth and noise free even during severe atmospheric conditions and you will not be hearing that whistling air sound as well.

This roof top cargo box has its opening from the rear end plus it has a key lock for added security. Ideal for parking your vehicle in outdoors without worrying about your goods. This car roof box has plenty of space for your luggage, boots, tents, golf bags, fishing gears and other goods. Due to the ABS construction of this cargo box, it tends to last longer than other roof cargo boxes.

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