Lund Tonneau Cover – Retractable Tonneau Cover, No Drilling Required

If you happen to own a truck then chances are that you are worried about the goods you place in your truck open bed or worried about the bed itself from getting damaged from weather conditions such as snow, rain etc. This Lund tonneau cover is designed for truck owners having similar concerns.

Lund Tonneau Cover

The Lund Tonneau Cover offers protection from weather and protects truck bed from rain, snow and hail. It will also protect the contents from getting damaged in the scorching heat of sun. Other than protection from the environment, it will also offer added security to the goods placed in your truck. This Tonneau cover will also assist in safe transit of goods as it prevents them from rolling and smashing against sidewalls. With this tonneau cover installed you will start to see extra mileage in the same quantity of fuel. The reasons being the elimination of the drag that is created due to open truck beds which result in added load on engine which in turn consumes more fuel.

This is a comparatively soft roll-up tonneau cover by Lund. It has a heavy duty velcro hook and a latch which allows convenient opening and closing. The best part about this retractable tonneau cover is that it comes pre-assembled and you do not require drilling holes in your truck. The installation takes a maximum of 20 minutes first time. Removal takes half the time.

Retractable Tonneau Cover

This Lund Tonneau cover is of high quality double-sided fabric. The fabric has black matte finish which makes is match with all colors of truck. The fabric is also tear resistant which makes it better than other low quality tonneau covers. With the quick release option, you can open or close the tonneau cover by releasing the latch. This retractable tonneau cover is backed by a lifetime manufacturer warranty on frame and cover.

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