GPS Speed Camera Detector – Satellite Speed Camera Detector

Passed by a road side speed camera and got a flash GREAT ! Now time to loosen up some extra money. If this keeps happening to you a lot then you seriously need to think of a way to avoid this or at least get a speed camera detector for your vehicle just like the one seen below.

GPS speed camera detector

It is a GPS speed camera detector which alerts you when you are approaching a speed camera while moving. The reason behind making a GPS based speed camera detector was to create a database of all the street speed cameras in one single device and that device can send alert to the driver when his or her vehicle is approaching any such speed cameras. These are being manufactured in two versions. One containing UK speed camera database and the other version for USA and Canada speed camera database.

Even if you want to use it other than UK, USA or Canada, you can save your own hot spots manually and when you will be approaching your saved spots, the GPS speed camera detector will send an alert beep the sound of which you can alter in terms of its volume. The front of the speed camera detector contains a few LED light so in case you missed out on beeping sound, you be notified via red LED lights on this device.

The ideal spot for placing the GPS speed camera detector is on the dashboard and close to the steering. The speed camera detector device has a rechargeable battery which can be charged by plugging its cord in your vehicle cigarette lighter. It is very light weight and measures only 7 cm in diameter and about 1 lb in weight. As compared to other speed camera detectors, it is very cheap and can turn out to be a great gift for your loved ones.

With this GPS based speed camera detector, you will also receive FREE one year update for your camera database. So that a great amount of money you will be saving in future and it is not just the money but you will be saving your precious time as well.


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