EVAP Smoke Pro Leak Detector – EVAP Smoke Pro Automotive Leak Detector

Whether you want to detect body leaks or EVAP leaks, this Smoke Pro EVAP leak detector does it all with minimum of effort and in a very small amount of time. This is a multi propose automotive leak detector which will save you hundreds of dollars each year on expensive smoke fluid changes. This professional EVAP leak detector is a smart smoke machine that runs on mineral oil (baby oil).

EVAP Leak Detector For Automobiles

The EVAP Smoke Pro leak detector kit cuts down the cost of leak tests from hundreds of dollars to just few cents due to the use of baby oil. It comes with a complete set of accessories and instruction manual. It contains:

  • EVAP Smoke Pro machine
  • Exhaust cone adaptor
  • 16 piece cap plus set
  • EVAP service port adaptor
  • Hand held halogen lamp
  • Schrader valve removal tool
  • 8 ounce bottle of mineral oil

The EVAP leak detector machine runs on 12 V DC power which can easily be provided from vehicle’s battery. All the necessary cables are included in this EVAP leak detection kit. The Smoke Pro smoke control valve functions in a way that it allows you to identify the exact location of leakage without smoking the entire workshop or garage. A pressure gauge and a flow meter are attached to the EVAP smoke machine. Both of these are extremely essential in the process of leak detection of any magnitude. You will also be able to visually detect the rate at which leakage occurs. The flow meter attached to this unit is extremely sensitive and will immediately pass or fail any EVAP system in a matter of minutes. It will also indicate very minor leakages that are too small to register in limited range flow meters.

The EVAP leak and Smoke Pro can easily be hung under the hood during testing. Or it can be hang under the chassis of the automobile. This entire kit is made in USA and is backed by 1 year warranty. Recent customers have reported that this is one of the best tools when you want to detect vacuum leakages.

You can easily buy this EVAP leak detector kit from Amazon (with FREE shipping) at a special discount price which might shoot back to normal at any time.

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