Cobra iRadar For Android – Driver Safety Camera Detection

Cobra iRadar Android Map

Cobra Electronics Corp. has just announced the release of its iRadar speed camera detection system for Android. They have previously released the iRadar Speed camera detection for iPhone/iPod (video below) and now they have extended its support to the Android platform. Some of the main functions and features of the new Cobra iRadar for Android have been highlighted below.

Cobra iRadar Android Map
Cobra iRadar Detector Android

The Cobra iRadar is a satellite based radar/laser detection device for Android smartphones that already has Bluetooth, GPS functionality. It connects with your Android phone via Bluetooth and offers plenty of options and configurations such as speed camera locations, alerts, live speedometer etc. It offers 360 degree protection from redlight cameras, speed traps as well as dangerous intersections. The Cobra iRadar for Android has the capability of detecting all radar and laser guns since it has constantly updated database of recent installations.

According to their Press Release, the Cobra iRadar for Android will be available starting from the first week of April 2011 for a price of $129.95 only.

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