JOYBOAT : Driven By A Joystick And Touchscreen Display


The JOYBOAT is a 390kg boat that has room for up to 5 adults and is about 4.28m in length. It is not one of those boats that will charge through the water in a flash. Since it is equipped with 2 electric motors which are almost soundless and will make your boat trip a real joy and hence the name JOYBOAT.

The JOYBOAT has a unique boat steering mechanism since it is controlled just by means of a handy joystick and a touchscreen panel that indicates useful information such as how much battery juice is left etc. One a full charge, the JOYBOAT will continue to sail for up to 8 hours.

The JOYBOAT additional features include GPS, anti-skid deck, swim ladder, cruise control-autopilot etc. The JOYBOAT is a product by SKY-YACHT.

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