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BlackBerry Bold 9700 Dressed Up With Ferrari


Blackberry 9700 Bold Unlocked Quad-Band 3G Smartphone with 3.2 MP Camera, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (Black)
Price: USD 98.49
3.6 out of 5 stars (475 customer reviews)
38 used & new available from USD 39.99

Surprisingly! we just caught wild photos and even video for the newest edition of BlackBerry Bold 9700. The amazing thing is that RIM didn’t inform anybody in the media before; the photos came from a blackberry user who accidentally receive it. He published the photos in a forum where he said that the phone is pretty much similar to the Blackberry Bold 9700 but it has Ferrari design, colors, logo and configuration and theme inside which makes the difference.

Still most of the expectators didn’t believe that RIM brought the Ferrari version of BB Bold 9700 without giving any pre-information. But the proof of video and photos has urged them to make some sense that it would be the limited edition of BB Bold 9700 with Ferrari format that looks competitive against the Porsche P’9981 fancy gorgeous. On the other hands, it is heard that other features remains same including the OS 5 environment. Check out the hands-on video.

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This article was published on Monday, April 16th, 2012 : Posted in Category : Blackberry, Phones

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