New Amazon Kindle DX Graphite Available On Pre-Order

Amazon has recently released its new version of e-book reader the Amazon Kindle DX Graphite edition which has better contrast, new e-ink screen which according to Amazon itself will work anywhere in the world.

New Amazon Kindle DX Graghite on Pre-Order
The Amazon Kindle DX Graphite edition has a storage space for almost 3500 ebooks with 3G wireless support that lets you download Kindle supported ebook in less than 60 seconds. The Kindle DX Graphite edition has a text-to-speech feature so when you are not in the mood of reading, you can let the reader read it aloud to you via its integrated speakers or via an external headphone. The new Amazon Kindle DX wireless reading device has a 9.7 inch diagonal E-Ink display plus you can get access to over 620,000 books, newspapers, magazines and blog updates.

The new Amazon Kindle DX has a reduced price of $379 and is available at on pre-order.

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