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Philips 42 inch 3D LCD Monitor : No Need For 3D Glasses

Philips 42 inch 3D Monitor

Philips new 42 inch 3D HD LCD Monitor BDL4251V is about to be made available in retail stores by the mid of Dec 2011. According to Philips, its new 3D LCD is Full HD compatible and does not require you to wear 3D shutter glasses for watching true 3D content. This can be handy as you do not have to get a pair of 3D glasses for every viewer. The Philips 42 inch 3D LCD monitor has a very stylish design and it displays bright images that are sharp and clear. The Philips HDL4251V 3D HDTV has response time of 9 ms and contrast ratio of 1100:1. Unfortunately there is no news on price for the new Philips HDL4251V 42 inch 3D LCD monitor so stay tuned for updates.

This article was published on Thursday, December 8th, 2011 : Posted in Category : Electronics

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