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Microvision ShowWX Plus HDMI Pico Projector Now Available

Microvision brings an updated version of its ShowWX Plus Pico Projector with HDMI input which is easily available for pre-orders at Amazon. The additional HDMI feature of this portable Pico Projector allows sharing content via various other systems.

Microvision ShowWX+ Pico Projector

Microvision SHOWWX+ HDMI Laser Pico Projector (AA0123600-020)
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The main specs and functions are same as its previous ShowWX Plus devices except and HDMI input which create its link with latest devices including iPhone, iPad, tablets which generally contain a HDMI port. This pico projector can be connected to PC through VGA connector which utilizes an extra adaptor sold separately. The maximum output resolution which is supported by the ShowWX Plus Pico Projector is 848 x 480 which means the source device must support 480p resolution to display. Another important feature of the ShowWX + Pico Projector is its focus free operation due its laser projection system.

The ShowWX Plus Pico Projector is easily available not only at Microvision site but also at Amazon store (with FREE Super Saver Shipping) at price of $369.

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