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Super Talent Technology Unleashes CKB – Rugged Metal Design USB Flash Drive

Super Talent Technology Corporation has been busy in developing memory chips for all sorts of devices but they have also been busy in making the new USB flash drive the CKB which can easily fit in any keychain so the next time you go anywhere, the CKB USB flash drive goes with you.

Super Talent CKB USB Flash drive

The CKB USB flash drive is available from 2GB to 32GB versions and comes in a highly rugged metal enclosure. It is compatible with both USB2.0 as well as USB1.1 interfaces. The CKB USB flash drive is also water resistant and offers a very durable solid state storage for your important files for up to 10 years. The drive is extremely light weight at only 6g and you will not even feel it when inside your pocket.

The best part about this Super Talent CKB USB flash drive is that it easily fits is almost any size keychain so where ever you go in your car, the CKB USB flash drive goes with you.

This article was published on Monday, October 4th, 2010 : Posted in Category : Cool Gadgets

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