PixelOptics Reveal emPower – First Electronic Focusing Eyewear : CES 2011

PixelOptics has just unveiled their latest innovation, the emPower eyewear, which is being called the first ever electronic focusing eyewear that can switch focus electronically with or without user intervention. These new set of electronic eyewear heavily rely on liquid crystals that change orientation when electric charge is applied.

PixelOptics emPower Electronic focusing Eyewear

emPower electronic eyewear charging

The PixelOptics emPower electronic eyewear is powered by a battery that after a full charge will allow the user to use the electronic focusing for 2 to 3 days. Unlike any other battery operated eyewear such as those Spy MP3 glasses, the emPower electronic focusing eyewear has a very compact and slim frame design that resembles traditional glass frames being used these days.

The PixelOptics emPower electronic eyewear is also water proof as the battery is securely sealed and the moisture is not going to deteriorate the frames and lenses. Battery life is more than enough as claimed by PixelOptics. These revolutionary set of electronic eyewear will be made available in 48 types of frames to match your taste and the lenses will also have the optional UV coating. As stated by PixelOptics, the emPower electronic focusing eyewear will be made available in April 2011 for price ranging from $1000 to $1200 which by no means is cheap.

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