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Koss STRIVA Wi-Fi Headphone $500 Shipped

Koss STRIVA TAP headphones

Well the title says it all. Above is the picture of world’s first Wi-Fi enabled ear headphones, the STRIVA TAP. The STRIVA TAP ear headphones enable you to listen to your favorite internet radio stations when you are within a hotspot area. According to the source, the STRIVA TAP headphone is equipped with Content Access Point (CAP) which can also provide Wi-Fi access in the absence of a router or Hotspot. These advanced headphones have touch sensitive controls and can also be connected to other stereo devices via its audio cable.

For those interested, the Koss STRIVA TAP ear headphones are available for about $500 and that by all means is quite expensive for just a pair of ear headphones.


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This article was published on Monday, April 30th, 2012 : Posted in Category : Cool Gadgets

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