Verbatim Store N Go – Smallest USB Flash Drive Unveiled

For those of you who think that the LaCie MosKeyto flash drive is the smallest USB flash drive on earth then they better see the new Verbatim Store N Go USB flash drive that measures only 5mm out from the USB port. The Verbatim’s Store N Go USB flash drive measures 17.15 x 14.85 x 7.7 mm and is no longer than a quarter.

Verbatim Store N Go mini USB flash Drive

We have seen plenty of small size USB flash drives in the past but this one definitely stands out as it not only scores high in terms of its small size but it has a capacity of up to 32GB which is simply superb for a USB flash drive so small. The LaCie MosKeyto USB flash drive only had 4GB/8GB of storage space. The Verbatim Store N Go mini USB flash drive supports read speeds up to 11 MBps and write speeds of up to 3 MBps. There will be three versions of the new Store N Go USB flash drives such as 8GB, 16GB and 32GB.

No information on price and availability of the new Verbatim’s Store N Go mini USB flash drive was found at the time of writing.

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