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Samsung Unveils First 16GB DDR4 Memory Module

Samsung 16GB DDR4

Samsung has just unveiled industry’s first DDR4 memory module that comes in 16GB module and it uses 30nm-class memory chips. These Samsung DDR4 memory modules are not yet to be seen anytime before 2013 and are still in the final development phase. According to sources, Samsung has revealed that they will also be keen in developing 32GB modules with even 20nm-class memory chips which will not only be consuming 40% less power but will also generate a lot less heat than current memory modules.

These Samsung 16GB DDR4 and the 32GB DDR4 memory modules will of course be made for OEMs specializing in server system manufacturing and the end-year might not be able to get a glimpse of it at all.

This article was published on Monday, July 9th, 2012 : Posted in Category : Computers & Notebooks

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