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The Retro CHOBi CAM Announced

Retro CHOBi CAM camera

The Retro version of the CHOBi CAM, the Retro CHOBi CAM has just been announced in Japan. This new Retro CHOBi CAM features super compact form factor and is equipped with a magnet so that you can attach it to any metallic surface and start recording videos and taking still images. With the new Retro CHOBi CAM, users will be able to take up to 1080 x 1024 size photos and can also record 720 x 480 videos at 24 fps which is quite handy. You can also add a microSD card to it.

For those interested, the Retro CHOBi CAM is available for about $47.50 only in Japan at the moment.

This article was published on Monday, March 19th, 2012 : Posted in Category : Cameras

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